What is going on ?

Kalpanadidi, I guess is Rbee and most posts there seems to be of jani groups.

That banned members chakraan is also offered for a thread to freely discuss on sne=ha-salla-pam that I heard from a circulated e-mail that hit. Our guys were userid1234, goldgaminggirl, Meyappa kanna, rajakoing and Baagad Billa. Btw, where is doc dova? Tell him to advise the guy userid1234 to calm down a little, he is talking just like that xossip forum, left and right, he will get banned. This is not Xossip.
{{{{{ userid1234
Why i am not surprised , Hindus have a mentality of taking sides of women even if she murders their loved ones.Guess who is the pervert here ?
Hindu guys are weak mentally due to which their women are slutty.They think from their dicks not mind.Its better to adopt Islam atleast they are very clear on such issues.Hinduism had been quiet a tolerant religion. }}}}}

Lol. Dova advise our guy. He is on steroid?

PeterG, OutG, Ambhii, vs007, sid, Keralian ISSRO Queen, and few Maddus just lives in their own world and their bay area meetings and bores the forum in TNT with junkie talks.


2 thoughts on “What is going on ?

  1. Thank you Raresha. Members have now heated discussion behind the close doors, memviv, munnabhai11, simplejustlikethat, and userid1234. Permit is needed for entry. But you can ask for the admission under your fake nick of vik, and that ID you also can share with Rbee and Ambhii, but you will have to take permission.


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