Badriprasad, I am , and will never return to the electronic charcha.

So many Duplicates and clones ID   in the forum are bashing, spreading  the hate, hatred,  bad words, gaalis,  and irritate and insults me, hence I will never return to the forum, ever.  Moderators spread this disease and  prompts for duplicate IDs.  Charchilla, Kalidas,  Dirty,  Dhurandher, Santabajuwala, Landyabhai, Manmohan, Rakhee, kahskikhopari, were my good friends,  I hated saneles, Napolean,  and few others who can never be my best friends.  My few old saathiis have left whom i loved the most, especially Jai speaks,  Landya bhai, Rakhee madam,  Sarva shaktiman who is still there. My dear friends like  Bong sgar mushaay, Gujarati Orginomi saheb,  Sarva shaktiman and peaceseeker somehow are not doing their job well of Moderation.  Dovahkiin, I never interacted but seems to be  a useful person,  jaggemohan, I interacted a lot recently and jaggudada  a very little are again good among new persons. Heysar, momentho or Momisha have joined and i guess they are either Rakhee or aashika.   I am not happy with the forum or will never return, unless few duplicates like  saneless-msshannze, pakau, bagheera, acticvation hall werewolf are not removed.  All administrative moderators need to be changed.  We need our dearmost friend dirty and amthalal back. we need jaispeaks and dhurandher back.  Zorro is needed by no one and can be banned along with MsShannze clones.  Heysar, riri were never useful.  pikesh and Mihir were IDs of same guy Punkaj, perhaps he was also riri.  Forums needs new moderation team in the leadership of Sunit aka echarcha and his cousin maharastrian brother and my dear friends ashdoc. peaceseeker and amthalal disappeared b-coz they were perhaps unhappy with my dear friends  peaceseeker and sarva shaktiman who wee not doing good job.  sgar bangi unkil can also be removed  ( Bangdus are no good for the forum ) with Msshannaze and his/her all duplicate IDs.  Dovahkiin, ashdoc, Heysar, Bobus and Jaggemohan should be called back along with MiMosha from the NRI-R2I return forums and  a election should  be held for a right Moderator.  Jaispeaks and  Dhurandhar are also the best candidate along with the present moderator Swami who is doing a very good job, unlike Sarva unkil.  Charchill, Kalidas and other Gujarati friends are also doing their job for the participation, very well.  Sunit and ashdoc being the cousin brothers from Maharastrian community should spare and send more time on forum, and Sarva and saneless should spend less time with minimum  posts. If these changes are made then only Badri and Baujawala  can think of returning to the forum.  We need Sanya and Rakhee back.  We also need dovahkiin and pazhama and p-jani whoever, they were good.

  • AAp ka apna, Badriprasad.



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