I am Jagmohan.

Calm down Badri unkil, calm down NTS anna,  Rewathi, jaggudada, pikesh and all…take a  chillpill,.. Relaaaaaaxa, man !

This is Jagmohan.   I have been remained on the same forum, and to tell ya the truth… it’s not that bad. They also have unbanned me now btw,  however I am occupied at other places, so just do not post there.   Sgar pai a Bengali matured fellow, and Sarva shaktiman a Punjabi guy,  are good fellows, and so is saneless  the madrasi fellow,…and many others.  Swami is the most sane and understanding person,  among all,..unless you get on his nerve. Dhurandhar, peaceseeker, Napolean,  and  ashdoc, santhabajuwala are all good fellows, I have nothing to complaining except I  remember I had tassel with that Maharstrian guy, “ Dirty” as the name suggests, he speaks nothing but dirty, just like amathalal.  Perhaps he is doing dirty jobs, someone once told, he cuts fishes at Pathmark , at teh back frozen area wearing white apron of  a doctor and prepares all meaty frozen foods, especially fishes and crab legs, and hence the  foul languages.  Amathalal and dirty gives wind to  swami, and as they pay for the forum’s V-Bulletin fee,  Suneet ( echarcha ) has not much weightage.  Riri, mihir, mansukhlal, bholaram, pikesh, Momisha, all have left, now.  Forum has allowed  saneless to create his Hum-shkal lesbo, ( Ms Shannzze ) a stripper,  club-dance sex partner, to bull-shit in the forum. Also Bagheera, pakavu, activation mail, Punkaj,  werewolf1, reconscience are all DUPs and they are allowed to BS in the forum with  weirdo subjects  and pakavu-giri, and that was the reason, doctor dovahkiin left. I as a jagmoha also haveno more interest. Mihir as NTS007 is also banned, riri went back to fundoozone. Rakhee and aashika never returned.

IMO , forum is not that bad, peaceseeker had also unbanned me within 2 days, all due to saneless,  a chenniytie guy, to whom the forum gives more importance and on the other hand, they don’t give weightage to Kalidas and  Oregomi, ashdoc,.. etc what they should.

Dirty, a rough guy cant speak except gaalis as per his fish-market profession, had heard from other forum Marathis that also in Mumbai, he was catching fishes at gateway of India, and was selling for making a  living.  Badri, just calm down, forum is not that bad.

– Jagmohan.


If you are reading this post,  in the left column, also press the ” Comments “button, so you know what else is said by others .



6 thoughts on “I am Jagmohan.

  1. Dirty says:

    Ok,.. I am Dirty, I tell you, Badri and Jaggu both along with your all r-2 – India all other members. Listen me well,..

    I am not upset very upset… . I am just amused. I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass. I have other life.
    I am not loyal at all to Echarcha. I have done nothing for website expect posted some comments when I have free time.

    I am not a moderator , I have never sent any funds not I have discussed and had meetings with Sunit on how to make this website better ….. Nothing . I have just leached the cyberspace.

    SO I hope I make this clear to all those idiots that think I am part of ” Management”. Yes, perhaps I had a hobby to move around in Mumbai’s red light area, I do lower class job to make a living. I was lying that I work 150 dollars an hour and pay my maid 20 dollars an hour. Why you believe it? I can say anything.


  2. Dovahkiin says:

    You all people have made ladiez of the Echarcha disappeared, u foul-mouthed,
    dirty, homophobic antpiss, morons. Shame on you.

    Sab mawali jaisi behaviour aur gali-galoch kar rahe ho, kameeno.


  3. Swami says:

    I agree I said Jagmohan a budhdha and other things but i never meant it, I apologize and seek pardoning. In fact, I was the one, I ask the people to unban Jagmohan.


  4. Aashika says:

    I am also upset with the forum, when my son was born, 6 months ago I put that good news, but they deleted my message and kicked me out, which as very rude. Hell with the forum, I ma not going to post anymore. Now they have brought a kept Ms Shannaze to replace me.


  5. Babu_Hyderabadi says:

    Happy that all are Hyderabadi olympic winners Sindhu, Saina, Sania all glowed and shined the name of hyderabad, but again the desi forum Echarcha, spoiled India’ name with senseless, uneducated below standard posts and gaalis. Al go to the hell. . SIgh!


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